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Psychiatric evaluation. Please refer to the website for the opening hours.

Services: Complete eye exam Partial view review Examination for contact lenses Review for the SAAQ Follow-up for patients with glaucoma and diabetes Reference to ophthalmologist Glasses lentils We speak French, English, Spanish, Italian, Polish,…

Services: Laboratory on site.   Examination of sight.   Adjustment of contact lenses.   Accept prescriptions from outside.   Accept your glasses that no longer serve for optométristes sans frontière.

Constantly on the lookout for technological progress and the best innovations, we always use the treatment best suited to your oral and dental condition

The Endovision Clinic specializes in colonoscopy and gastroscopy, while offering treatments for problems related to digestion.

Services offered: Clinic with or without appointment. Circumcision. Contraception. Sexually Transmitted Infections (STBBI). PAP Test. Pregnancy test. Blood and urine samples. Health travel. Vaccination.

Dentistry is one of the most exciting career choices. As part of their education, prevention, diagnosis and treatment activities, dentists provide the public with an essential health service.