Hidden terraces

Hidden terraces

The district of Côte-des-Neiges has many terraces where it’s very pleasant to have a drink with friends or colleagues while enjoying the sun. Do you think know all of them ? Sure, you don’t ! Some are terraces are well hidden, and you need be a good connoisseur of the area to access them:

  • Le Zeppelin: They have a terrace on the front of Lacombe Street, but you can also enjoy the one behind the restaurant.
  • Au Pain Doré: you must have seen the relaxation chairs and palm trees in front of their shop, but cross the shop to discover their terrace on the other side. It’s an Ideal place for lunches!
  • Le Bistro Olivieri: we talked about it in our previous infolette: Their terrace, located at the back of the Olivieri Bookstore, is an haven of peace.

Sure, if you want to enjoy the good weather in the neighborhood, you will be spoilt for choice…hidden or not !

Terrasse du Zeppelin

Terrasse du Bistro Olivieri



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