Sustainable measures

Sustainable measures

Do yo know that some companies of our Côte-des-Neiges district have have implemented measures to promote sustainable development . For example : 

  •  Jérôme B Espace Coiffure : It’s the second hair salon in Québec  which have signed an agreement with Green Circle. This organization collects, recycles and gives a second life to hair salon waste, including cut hair, colouring tubes, paper, plastic…
  • Starbucks et Couche-Tard if you bring your own cup you get a discount on your coffee
  • Copper Branch : the manager composts food wastes of the restaurant !
  • Le marché Jean Brillant encourages you not to use plastic packaging for fruits and vegetables. They are selling very nice reusable bags, very practical as long as you don’t forget it before you go shopping !.
  • Boucherie Atlantique, bring your Tupperware to buy cheese, meals or delicatessen

At the BIA Experience Côte-des-Neiges, we are taking in place many measures : purchases of refurbished products, use of cups for drinks, reducing printing…

Each initiative is one more step towards protecting our planet, so let’s do something about it!